Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wherefore this ingenious piece of interior decoration?

 Friends, bloggers, countrymen! Lend me your eyeballs! I request you all to have a look at the image pasted here and help me, if you could, make sense of what appears to me unadulterated nonsense. Nobody would dispute that Barack Obama's India visit is a big story, to use the journalistic jargon. You may love, hate or be indifferent to the US, but you can not deny the significance of where its President goes and what he speaks. However, I am at once flummoxed as well as amused to note that this news channel, which promises its viewers to bring news at any cost, has chosen to splash a gigantic image of the American flag on the walls of its studio!!! I am not a jingoist and let me make it clear that I do not intend to express outrage at this act which may appear to the nationalists as an assault on the country's pride. But despite taking a neutral and brutally impersonal view of things, I am at loss to make out what these gentlemen are trying to convey by this ingenious piece of interior decoration. I am sure that these media professionals have enough knowledge of history to know that its economic imperialism notwithstanding, America has never tried to annex territories like all the major European powers did in past. I am also sure that they keep abreast of current affairs and hence know that in today's circumstances, colonization is virtually impossible. In that case, there could be no possibility of these esteemed newsmen acting in fear and anticipation of a possible capture of the Indian territory by the white nation led by its off-white President. Could it be some naive hope that the stripes-and-stars-clad rich daddy would indulge in some sort of fantastic charity and adopt the orphan draped in tricolour who has kept growing for half-a-century while refusing to grow up? I have no clue. If any one among you has, I shall be grateful if he or she takes the trouble to enlighten me.

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  1. For some people USA will always remain a Baap Jee figure. They do not want to believe that America is on a declining path or the world is no more unipolar.